We are Mobile Active

a team of dedicated professionals on russian Bulk SMS market

In business since 2003, we have transmitted over 2 billion SMS messages for our clients, russian banks, telecom operators, shops, small businesses. Our office is in Perm, Russia.

Our rates are as follows:

Alphanumeric sender ID

Megafon, Yota = 0,033 Euro/SMS.  
Tele2 = 0,025 Euro/SMS.  
MTS, Beeline, Motiv = 0,016 Euro/SMS.  

Each Sender ID costs 25 euro per month and it takes 3 business days to register.

We have direct high-speed connections to all major russian mobile operators. Our customer care and technical team work 24×7 to provide you with the best service possible.

Please send an e-mail to mikov@mobak.team or Skype to bkmzbkmz if you would like to connect with us and try our service for free.

Best regards,
Ilya Mikov

Founder of Mobile Active